Kenyan Doctor Operates On Wrong Patient — Brain Surgery Mixup

Desiree Steele
March 3, 2018

Reports indicate that one was in need of nursing and medication to heal a trauma swelling in his head while the second had a blood clot in his brain.

In what has been described as "horrific" a mix-up on identification tags saw the wrong person being the recipient of a brain surgery. A mix up with ID tags led to the wrong patient being operated on.

Dr Oluga added that punishing doctors and nurses would not address problems in the patient tracking system.

The Daily Nation, which investigated the scandal since Wednesday, will not publish details of the patients out of respect for their privacy and because it was not clear on Thursday if their families had been informed of the operation. Some have demanded the resignation of the entire hospital board of management in the wake of the controversies that have tarnished the hospital.

The hospital's management also interdicted three other medical staff among them the ward nurse, the theatre receiving nurse and the anaesthetist for their role in the mishap. A show-cause letter requires a staff member to account for his or her actions. The doctor's suspension ends Friday.

"Besides, the file details and patient label tallied".

The brain surgery was scheduled to be performed on a patient who had a blood clot on the brain.

After consulting a senior neurosurgeon, the operating doctor reportedly was instructed to proceed no further, clean up the area and close the head.

It was apparently more than two hours into the procedure before they realised he had been mistaken for another patient.

An investigation has been launched, and it has been reported by the hospital that the patient was "in recovery and progressing well". The patient who underwent the brain surgery is recovering.

The two were shown door to pave way for investigations over the surgery done to a wrong patient.

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