Avengers: Infinity War release date moved

Glen Norman
March 3, 2018

"Avengers: Infinity War" will be released a week earlier than expected. Marvel has announced via Twitter that the movie has been moved up from its previous May 4 release, and rescheduled for an April 27 debut. Marvel and Disney pushed up the date so that the much-anticipated sequel will have the same release date around the world, limiting the possibility of spoilers for Northern American audiences.

Robert Downey Jr. convinced Marvel Studios to push the Avengers: Infinity War release date up a week, but the Disney powerhouse isn't done yet.

Hot on the heels of their incredible reveal of a life-size Infinity Gauntlet replica, Hot Toys is kicking off their Avengers: Infinity War 1/6th scale lineup with a new Iron Man collectible figure!

There are a number of reasons the studios could have for making the move, which puts additional distance between the third Avengers and box-office competitors like Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Sources at Marvel Studios and Disney tell EW they made a decision to change course and open the movie worldwide on the same date. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

But it looks like Robert Downey Jr was impatient to see the film. Thanks to the overwhelming success of Black Panther, it is safe to say that Wakanda would play a role in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"That's a FANTASTIC idea!"

Infinity War might be one of the biggest movie releases of all time and in my opinion, it has a strong chance of outgrossing James Cameron's Avatar at the worldwide Box Office.

Yes, and it's been confirmed by Marvel Studios just a day ago, giving the biggest surprise in the beginning of March, to not only the fans across the globe, but also the Indians too!

Of course, the MCU isn't actually going to end though.

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