This year's Battlefield is rumored to be set during World War 2

Doug Carpenter
March 2, 2018

So far, more than a dozen Battlefield games have released since the franchise's inception in 2002.

If the next Battlefield game does take place during World War II, it will be the first time since 2009 that a main Battlefield entry has ventured to that particular time period (Battlefield 1943). Hopefully Battlefield 5 will be able to imitate Battlefield 1's successes, especially with the current boom of World War 2 games. So the most pressing question now is what kind of Battlefield game it will be, and according to new rumors, the October instalment will be set during World War 2.

Check back for updates as the story develops. Of course, Battlefield 1 did very well so now EA's looking to maintain that momentum while transitioning to WWII. EA will reveal it soon, and it will launch it before the end of this calendar year. It's also worth noting that this leak means that the rumoured Battlefield Bad Company 3, set in Vietnam is probably not happening.

It's also worth mentioning the report says this will not just be a remake of Battlefield 2.

Considering that the last game was Battlefield 1, it's odd to see EA call the next game Battlefield V. The reasons for the inconsistency in nomenclature are unknown at this juncture. Perhaps it won't be Battlefield 2 so as to not clash with the 2005 game of the same name. That said, DICE is listening to fans of Bad Company, and it is keeping a potential sequel in its back pocket in case it needs to make another strategic shift in the future.

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