US Defense Secretary Mattis Sends Transgender Guidance to Trump

Glen Norman
February 25, 2018

Trump has directed the Pentagon to plan the parade for November 11 - the federal holiday celebrating the nation's war veterans, according to a White House memo obtained by Politico.

McMaster drafted a memo for the Pentagon earlier this week, reportedly telling Secretary of Defense James Mattis, per a request from Trump, to lay out "concepts of operation for this event", Politico reported, citing a senior administration official.

This is not the first time McMaster has faced speculation that his job may be in jeopardy and sources with knowledge of McMaster's standing in the White House have repeatedly said that he has been on thin ice for months.

And I don't understand why McMaster, other than out of pique with Trump, would so triumphantly assert last week that Russian Federation interfered in the election, something he well knows rankles the president. Trump, who has largely avoided discussing the meddling, quickly went on the defensive, tweeting that McMaster forgot to mention, "the only collusion was between Russian Federation and Crooked H, the DNC and the Dems". McMaster told reporters last month he planned "to go as long and hard as I can in service of the president", per the Hill. These comments came despite Trump not having a plan in place.

"The policy will be set forth by the president, and the White House will announce that policy when he's made his decision", Eastburn said.

CNN previously reported that McMaster appeared to be undercut last summer by former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

"This is an epic waste of money (as much as $30 million), to massage Donald Trump's Banana Republic dictator fantasies", veterans advocacy group VoteVets tweeted Friday.

Kelly and McMaster have chafed at Trump's treatment of them in public and in private, which both at times have considered insulting, said all four officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Some officials have told CNN that the Pentagon may be looking to identify a slot that is not too high profile, because McMaster would be transitioning back to the military from a White House position akin to a political appointee.

Another possible option would be to name McMaster as the replacement for Gen. John Nicholson who has served as commander of the coalition in Afghanistan since 2016.

The White House has received a memo from Defence Secretary Jim Mattis making recommendations for dealing with transgender individuals serving in the military.

If a suitable job couldn't be found, McMaster could opt to retire.

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