Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition gets a weird Half-Life crossover

Delia Walker
February 23, 2018

"It will be available on your digital platform of choice (Steam, Origin and/or Microsoft Store) and will contain the entirety of Chapter 1", the Square Enix website reads.

Half Life is reborn through Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix is putting the finishing touches on Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, but now Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has come out saying that a demo will be released next week, and some news on how big the game will be. The pack features the HEV suit Gordon Freeman wore in Half-Life 2, along with his signature crowbar and scientist glasses to boot.

However, in addition to working on the Final Fantasy 15 PC version, Square Enix was also working on the more high-end versions of the game, for the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, both of which are also apparently going to be coming out soon. The Half-Life Pack will be available on the Steam Workshop for anyone who qualifies, giving you the option of installing the mod to feel the numbness that comes whenever a new Half-Life 3 meme shows up. Oh well, rule of cool.

Those on the Microsoft Store will gain access to a set of Phoenix Downs and Elixirs to use from the start of the game, along with a special sword. With a launch date of March 6 slated for Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition, you'll have just about two months to buy the game post-launch if you want to claim the Half-Life Pack for yourself. The game is now available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition recently made its way to mobile on both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Will you be pre-purchasing for some of those sweet bonuses?

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