Ferrari unveils its 2018 Formula 1 auto in Maranello

Desiree Steele
February 23, 2018

Mercedes are at Silverstone, where they are launching their W09 as part of a filming day during which world champion Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will each drive the auto for the first time.

The new auto shares much with last year's "diva" (though boss Toto Wolff admitted he liked some of the traits of last year's vehicle, unsurprisingly), with a similar design philosophy.

Hamilton had become something of an old hand at managing individual rivalries following his hard relationship with former team-mate Nico Rosberg in previous seasons. "We will all get used to using it".

"Always expect the worst and hopefully it will be better", he quickly added. EQ Power+ refers to Merc's ongoing hybrid model strategy, and we're told that over 7,000 "drawn parts" have been built, and more than 40,000 components have been through "non-destructive testing inspection". We have the sidepods and the radiator ducts which are even more aggressive, more innovative compared to a year ago. And generally, over the last few years, I've not been too bad at it. "I just need to be focused to make sure I'm performing at my best because if I am performing at my best then there will be issues, because then I'll be holding Seb back".

Asked about mind games, Hamilton said: "Honestly, I don't play mind games".

"But as well we knew we had to work on new aero developments".

Asked if he expected any similar antics from Vettel this season, Hamilton smiled and replied: "You have to expect it could be worse". These are very exciting times.

Ferrari's new vehicle is painted in the traditional red livery, but unlike its predecessors with very little white. So I think you're going to see a title battle this year.

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