Metro health centers offers free flu shots daily

Desiree Steele
February 17, 2018

Cattaraugus County confirmed 54 additional reports of the flu within the last seven days, adding an nearly 20 percent increase to the seasons total.

"There are things that we can do in the interim to figure out which vaccines work better".

The mantra should be: When you're sick, stay home.

The top heads of the US health departments didn't openly state concerns that some Americans might not be vaccinating themselves or their children due to an unfounded wariness about the flu vaccine.

The Blountville health department is located at 154 Blountville Bypass.

Flu shots are available at the Citizens Center by appointment by calling Connolly at 978-374-2390, ext. 15. Find a map of local health department locations and contact information online at

The flu season has been harsh towards baby boomers.

Scott Hensley, an associate professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania who studies flu vaccines, said this year's vaccine is about as effective against H3N2 as last year's was, but it's still valuable to get the shot.

During week four in Hawaii, two clusters of influenza B were reported to the state department. Flu shots may also be available through individual physicians and at select pharmacies. Despite medical professionals' almost universal recommendation that patients get the flu vaccination, the percentage of those who opt out continues to rise.

Anyone who's had the flu knows of that particular kind of misery, which can put people out of commission for days - or worse.

H3N2 viruses "are often linked to more severe illness", acting CDC Director Dr. Anne Schuchat said Thursday.

Some of the severity of this year's flu comes from the strain itself.

And that has many people asking, "Why is it so deadly?" This does not mean that it kept 36 percent of the people who got it from getting sick at all. A different CDC team looked at wider reports and found that only about a quarter of people showing up to the doctor's office with flu-like symptoms actually had influenza.

And experts say it's still worth getting a flu shot.

In Virginia, 31 people have died so far this flu season, according to the state health department.

This season's aggressive strain of the flu virus has already claimed several lives in Alabama. One of the biggest issues - parents need to keep kids home from school when they're sick.

"The use of vaccination reduces the flu by at least 50 percent". Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. Germs spread this way!

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