Apple HomePods reportedly leaving white ring stains on wooden surface

Delia Walker
February 16, 2018

"An unhappy discovery after we placed a HomePod on an oiled butcher-block countertop and later on a wooden side table was that it left a defined white ring in the surface", stated a review in Wirecutter.

Tom's Guide reviewer Mike Prospero has published photos that show Sonos One, one of HomePod's closest competitors, similarly leaves marks on affected wood surfaces. Most speakers have them and they do not damage wood.

Apple goes on to say that the marks "will often go away after several days when the speaker is removed from the wooden surface".

If you still insist that the ideal place for your HomePod is on a wooden surface, you might consider some kind of barrier between the base of the HomePod and the wooden surface. Apple believes that the ring stains are caused by some sort of chemical reaction with certain wood surfaces treated with oil or wax.

If you just picked up Apple's flashy new HomePod speaker you might be thinking of displaying it proudly on the nicest piece of furniture you have, but before you do there's something you should know.

After numerous reports of HomePod marking wood surfaces yesterday, many may feel that Apple's hardware quality has slipped. If you're still having issues, Apple advises you follow the furniture's recommended cleaning processor or put your speaker somewhere else.

The company also released what might be the only "how to clean your smart speaker" support page in existence (because you shouldn't need instructions for that). If users want to create multiple timers using Apple's smart speaker, all they must do is create a set of reminders.

This new marking issue is another setback for the device as it tries to compete with the already well established Amazon Echo and Google Home. This is quite unfortunate especially since the HomePods are not meant to be kept on soft surfaces. We placed our Apple HomePod on our MDF TV stand and it left a white ring behind, but we were able to remove the mark with a damp cloth.

Despite the pile-on against Apple, the HomePod is not the only smart speaker that can stain one's coffee table.

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