IOS 12 Rumors: FaceTime Animoji, Deeper Siri Integration, and More

Delia Walker
February 15, 2018

The new features will be implemented as a part of the software release that is recently codenamed as "Peace". While the bulk of this report is simply a rehash of the first one, with little new added, Bloomberg adds additional detail on what features Apple will be bringing to their devices over the next two years.

The list of news channels include CNN, CBS, Fox News, Bloomberg, CNBC and Cheddar that appear in the primary "Watch Now" section of the app on iOS and tvOS 11.2.5. However, there are actually quite a few features buried within iOS that are basically hidden, or at the very least, not as well-known. This time around, however, Apple is taking a different approach that will see its engineers focus less on new features and more on under-the-hood refinements. Given the troubles Apple has had with its latest versions of iOS, focus on the fundamentals likely wouldn't hurt.

Apple Inc. has reportedly made a decision to slow down its annual software updates for iOS and macOS and instead will spread out new features over the next two years. Apple then issues minor "point" updates over the course of the year to address bugs and introduce smaller changes.

But just as important this year will be what Apple doesn't introduce: redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad and, and a revamped Photos app that can suggest which images to view.

The Do Not Disturb feature is also reported to be getting an upgrade, with new improvements that will expand a user's control over what notifications they want to receive and when. While the mechanics are still to be announced, developers will be able to design a single third-party app that works using a touchscreen, a mouse, or a trackpad, depending on whether it's running on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Animoji is also coming to the iPad, the report claims, with Apple set to release a new version of the tablet that packs a built-in Face ID camera.

The change is also somewhat of an admission and acknowledgement that some users have been complaining about the stability of iOS and macOS updates, as if they were released haphazardly or hastily. A related enhancement would have also allowed users to let two screens from the same app run side-by-side.

The New York Post reports individuals within a jailbreak community encouraged a "low-level" Apple employee to leak iBoot's source code in 2016, resulting in the biggest leak in Apple's history.

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