60% of Palestine Children Arrested by Israel Tortured

Glen Norman
February 15, 2018

But his comments about Israel mark rare criticism from a president who has publicly sparred with the Palestinians while forging warm ties with Israel ahead of the expected presentation of a USA peace outline. "But what I think is that the court doesn't think it's good for the court", Gaby Laski, Tamimi's lawyer, told reporters.

The Palestinians walked away in December from US-led attempts to revive the peace talks when Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. She called the Ahed's indictment "inflated and out of proportion, in some parts reflecting severe discrimination".

He added that the Palestinian leadership might resort to a new level of action, in case the Israeli escalation continued, and would go towards reviewing all signed agreements, including the Oslo Accords, in case Israel failed to abide by them.

The next session in the case was set for the beginning of March. The following month, Tamimi was charged with a number of offenses under Israel military law for both the December incident and for others dating back to April 2016. She could be sentenced to years in prison. Tamimi and her mother, Nariman, were arrested a few days later. Her supporters say she was affected by the army's prior shooting of a cousin in the head with a rubber coated metal bullet.

Ahed Tamimi was praised Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was then Turkey's prime minister, when she was seen in a viral video biting the hand of an Israeli soldier who detained her brother on suspicion of throwing stones, two years ago.

"As an unarmed girl, Ahed posed no threat during the altercation with the two Israeli soldiers who were heavily armed and wearing protective clothing", said Magdalena Mughrabi, Amnesty International's deputy director for the Middle East and Africa.

Roughly 300 Palestinian minors are as of now held in Israeli prisons, two of them in regulatory detainment, where no charges are given for their being held, as indicated by Israeli rights amass B'Tselem. Instead, she herself was arrested.

But the Israeli occupation has been actively persecuting the Tamimi family for decades over their weekly protests against the theft of their lands in favor of the illegal Jewish settlement of Halamish near their villages. 'This violates the fundamental legal guarantee of having access to a lawyer during the interrogation, ' pointed out the president of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions, Jose Guevara.

Experts have also expressed concern that Tamimi's place of detention - Hasharon prison in Israel - was in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states that the deportation of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the occupying power, or to that of any other country, is prohibited, regardless of the motive.

Her father Bassem al-Tamimi waved to her from the audience, yelling out "stay strong, you will win".

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