Shooting reported at NSA headquarters

Glen Norman
February 14, 2018

'NSA police and local law enforcement are addressing an incident that took place this morning at one of NSA's security vehicle entry gates.

The NSA said the situation was under control.

@AACoFD is assisting Fort Meade Fire Department with an incident at NSA.

Sources say that three people were shot in the incident and Fort Meade officials have confirmed that one person was hospitalized.

In 2015, two men dressed as women tried to ram a stolen auto through the gate of the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade.

This is a breaking news story.

The White House released a statement Wednesday morning.

Fort Meade, which includes the NSA campus, said a "police investigation" is ongoing and a highway in the area is closed.

The US President Donald Trump has been briefed after the shooting, the White House confirmed. Bullet holes could be seen in the windshield of the SUV and the vehicle's airbags had deployed.

"Weapons were discharged in the course of the incident, which remains under investigation", the agency said in a statement.

NBC News reported that its helicopter could see police surrounding a handcuffed man who was sitting on the ground.

The local Anne Arundel County police forces shared an information about a possible shooting around 7:30 a.m. local time. Most motorists then carefully follow the orders of heavily armed federal officers and turn around without getting into more trouble. The investigation into the attack is now underway.

In March 2015, two people tried to drive their sports utility vehicle through the NSA's heavily guarded gate.

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