Sea of Thieves PC specs run the gamut of computers

Delia Walker
February 14, 2018

But Sea of Thieves "will have to consistently grow" in order to "keep the player base's attention".

"Timmins adds that Sea of Thieves" PC iteration is not an outsourced port, but an internally-developed project, made and launched alongside its console counterpart. Lead designer Mike Chapman tells IGN that the game takes place prior to the Golden Age of Piracy in a mysterious location called the Sea of Thieves. That update will introduce microtransactions to the game. "We want to make sure we're enriching the experience for everyone, so new merchants, trading posts, and trading companies", Neate says.

This lines up with the information uncovered by dataminers during the beta, as a premium shop is hidden within the game's code. Pay-to-win items are also supposedly out. Microsoft and Rare provided six different spec buildouts you can find below, which should give you an idea of where your configuration might fall when running the game. These animals will be creatures that anyone can handle in-game, which Duncan swears will lead to amusing scenarios.

"It's entirely optional, but if you had a monkey, for example, you'll be able to hold it like you can other things in the game, but then I'll also be able to hold it, then drop it overboard, because that's amusing", Neate explained. "It'll come back. It'll be fine! I think that's the way we'll do it", he said.

Rare has confirmed that Sea of Thieves will not include an editor for character creation. Neate stated that he wanted to see as many people as possible interested in the game beyond launch, at to that end Rare will be keeping "a very large team" active on the game after it's released.

As it turns out, Sea of Thieves is much deeper than what we saw last month. "When we bring in our first major update, that's when we want to add the option for players to spend money, if they want". That goes for our digital business. You can sail a galleon on your own or even pack four pirates in a sloop, as the game maker wants to offer players flexibility, rather than let gamers own a single boat. "That's a hard and fast principal to us", concludes Duncan.

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