Eurostar to begin direct services to Amsterdam

Sean Reid
February 10, 2018

Eurostar describes the potential for the new London - Amsterdam service as "significant" and compares the four million annual passengers travelling by air between the two cities with the London - Paris air market at the launch of Eurostar's service in 1994.

The launch of the London to Amsterdam service marks a historic milestone in the expansion of worldwide high speed rail travel, revolutionising the connection between these important destinations.

During the initial period, return journeys will connect through Brussels on a Thalys service, where passport control and security screening will be carried out.

Nicolas Petrovic, the outgoing chief executive of Eurostar, said the Netherlands service heralded a new era in global high-speed rail. Trains leave from St Pancras station which regional readers might need telling is quite near the middle of London, with prices said to start at £35 for a single if you align your logging in on the day perfectly with the launch of the cheap tickets. It says the market for travel between London and Paris has more than doubled as passenger increasingly choose high-speed rail over the plane. The company said that travel to Brussels will now be even faster with the new route too, only taking one hour and 48 minutes, instead of two hours and five minutes.

"The UK and Netherlands governments are both working hard to find an agreement that will allow us to check travellers' passports before departure from the Netherlands, as we already do in most of our other destinations", the company wrote.

One-way fares between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands along this route will start at about £35 ($48).

Trains will depart twice a day at 8.31am and 5.31pm, going through Brussels and Rotterdam before arriving in Amsterdam.

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