Trump labels some Democrats 'treasonous' for their State of the Union reaction

Glen Norman
February 7, 2018

Democrats denounced the remark as an affront to free speech and accused Trump of "emulating autocrats".

Trump told an audience in Blue Ash, Ohio, on Monday that congressional Republicans were "going totally insane, wild" over his speech, and that their repeated interruptions with applause meant that "they want to do something great for our country". That's what it means. Because, honestly, it was bad energy.

The president told his audience that during his speech before a joint session of Congress, he noticed many Democrats were not clapping "even on positive news". Somebody said 'treasonous.' I mean, eh.

Trump is calling their reception "un-American" and asks: "Shall we call that treason?"

Democrats fired back at the president on Twitter. One of her deputies described the remark as "tongue-in-cheek".

The first lady is on a rare policy trip with President Donald Trump, flying with him to OH on Monday and then going their separate ways.

So yes, sure, why not. He later released a statement in which he quipped that while he disagreed with "almost everything he said, for Trump the speech was clear and well-delivered".

Pelosi has criticized Trump's tax laws of being overly generous to the wealthy. Or, more importantly, received as false by the people who hear it - and laugh at it.

Cincinnati is a favorite Trump destination. He routinely conflates himself with the government he was elected to lead.

"They were stoic, sitting on their hands".

More importantly, though, is the rhetorical usefulness of playing off a smiling accusation - of treason, a capital offense - as a gag. And I want to find out who he is. Just remember that - he voted against you.

"I don't really care what Sen". In their ham-handed attempt to show disdain for Trump, they disrespected the office of the presidency. The one hour and 20-minute speech, he said, was effective. There has never been a better time to start living the American dream.

We do not support Democrat leaders' behavior during the State of the Union. "He made a joke, nothing more than that".

Trump has frequently showcased the strong market as a barometer of his economic success and as a boon for everyday Americans and their retirement accounts. And I'm talking about, you have the lowest Hispanic unemployment in the history of our country. "I think that's why his numbers are in his tank".

"If the executive branch that Trump controls enforced his accusation of treason against his political enemies, the First Amendment would become meaningless and American democracy would end". Instead, he offered his gratitude. On Monday Trump expressed how Democrats were "very selfish" for not clapping for him. "The president's notion of treason is both absurd and unsafe". Trump is scheduled to visit Florida today to view relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

"He was joking at the time", Spicer said.

But the rest of us, whom the popular media can't comprehend, know. "And everybody stood up yesterday", he said.

In the immediate aftermath, Trump brushed off the backlash on familiar grounds.

The only way for our country to move forward from this point is for all politicians to set aside their differences and do what's right for the people, not their respective party.

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