Amazon is removing lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive phones

Doug Carpenter
February 7, 2018

Amazon recognizes the customers rely on phone manufacturers lockscreens for security such as facial recognition, as well as using the lockscreen for personalization. Currently, you have to press a fingerprint sensor twice on these phones to unlock. Prices for the current lineup of Prime Exclusive handsets will rise by $20 starting tomorrow, according to multiple reports. As a user, it would be very hard to identify which app was displaying lock-screen apps, since any game or app would technically be able to take over the lock screen. Here's the full statement.

Finally, Amazon confirmed that the Prime Exclusive phone lineup will still exist for Prime members and that unlocked devices will still be available with a discount from the standard price tag.

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will remove the ads from the discounted Android phones on its Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program on Wednesday. They removed the lockscreen ads, making their devices far closer to the standard non-ad-filled Android experience available on all non-Amazon phones. Amazon wants customers to be able to enjoy biometric security measures like fingerprint readers and facial recognition while also being able to customize the lock screen with photos and wallpapers. Pre-installed inside a Prime Exclusive Phone is Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, and the Amazon Widget. But, hey, if you're an Amazon fanboy, you likely won't mind these one bit. The company also touts the ability to personalize your screen as a motivating factor, although many would have argued that has been important from the outset.

Apparently, the bloatware will remain but can be uninstalled or hidden if you don't use it.

Amazon Prime phones could be exempt from this policy since customers agree to the ads for a lower-priced device and they had the option of paying to turn them off.

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