A million PUBG players were banned in January

Delia Walker
February 7, 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be seeing an update pushed to the game on February 5th that is explicitly directed at curbing cheating in the game.

To use ReShade players had to edit the game's files, and many cheats function the same way. Some of these, like ReShade, would change the color saturation to make it easier to spot enemies, but those programs will no longer be allowed while playing PUBG.

"As announced, the new anti-cheat solution that was to be applied today has been delayed". PUBG celebrated thirty million players just before Christmas, with BattleEye banning 1.5 million payers during December making a total of at least 2.5 million banned players.

PUBG Corp. announced a few days ago the arrival of a new anti-cheat system to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

As rough estimate, somewhere around 8% of all players of the game have been banned from cheating. In some cases where files might be damaged, they may need to completely reinstall PUBG.

In the past, ReShade was allowed by PUBG Corp-but the company's efforts to curb the insane amount of cheating within the game has changed things. Programs that are not used to gain an unfair advantage can also be blocked if they behave like cheats.

To assist BattlEye in the fight against evil PUBG cheaters, the developers have put together a dedicated team to focus exclusively on finding and blocking cheat programs. "Please be advised that this is a permanent block".

The developers broke the news via Twitter and promised to have more information about a possible release date soon before thanking fans for their patience.

Earlier this week the team behind BattlEye, a popular anti-cheat service, confirmed banning more than one million players during January 2018.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now has more than 30 million players spread across PC and Xbox One. Are you waiting for the arrival of this new update?

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