Monster Hunter World Has Retailed 1.35 Million Units In Japan

Doug Carpenter
February 1, 2018

News of the Monster Hunter World commemorative gift came by way of the game's official Twitter account, where Capcom first revealed the game's success in shipping 5 million units.

When we planned to launch Monster Hunter World, we could not help thinking about the monsters of the reality we all heard about when we were kids. The series has always been an absolute juggernaut in its native region, and World only solidifies that status - clearly Monster Hunter doesn't need to be exclusive to a handheld device in order to sell incredibly well.

"According to IGN, the video game developer has partnered"...with Jon Downes of The Centre of Fortean Zoology, Capcom is giving hunters until June 30 to provide verifiable evidence of everything from Bigfoot to The Cornish Owlman". You'll see a notification that your quest is completed, and you'll be good to go.

This is a new record high in first week sales for a PlayStation 4 game, and is also just for physical sales. Ideally, you want to have enough materials to craft traps, trap tools, and Tranquility items. Xbox One owners, and PS4 players who don't also own Street Fighter V, will get the chance to unlock the Ryu armor set at a later date.

Have you gotten yours yet? Capcom has not announced any new DLC plans for Resident Evil 7 so we don't know whether the company will invest further time, effort and money on it.

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