World's first Ruby KitKat drops in Japan for Valentine's Day

Glen Norman
January 19, 2018

Now, they're out to conquer the worldwide market with a stunning new release that will go on sale in Japan on 19 January, and this one is so special they've made a decision to release it in other countries later this year.

Nestle Japan Ltd. will sell Sublime Ruby exclusively at KitKat Chocolatory specialty stores in Japan and South Korea as well as online. Oh, and it has an incredible name: KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby.

KitKat Japan has become the first consumer brand to launch the Ruby chocolate characterized by its all-natural pink and berry flavors. Nestle even opened a new factory in the country in July dedicated to flavored KitKats. The company will be selling the chocolate in South Korea too and is planning to introduce it in Australia very soon.

"'KITKAT Chocolatory Sublime Ruby' will be available from Friday, January 19, in time for Valentine's Day", Barry Callebaut said in a statement, adding the product would also be available online. The $2.8 billion sale of the business, which includes Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy bars, comes as Nestle plans to focus on healthier and faster-growing categories like coffee, pet food and water.

Made from ruby cocoa beans, this new "fourth type of chocolate" promises a whole new Kit Kat flavour experience. "The unique flavor gives it a differentiated product to support its premiumization push". It was touted as an alternative to the traditional chocolate varieties of white, milk and dark chocolates.

Nestle Japan's Sublime Ruby bar features a pink color achieved without using any additives and a fruity flavor reminiscent of berries. After more than 10 years of development, it is the first new kind of chocolate in decades.

Japan's $5 billion chocolate confectionery market is Asia's largest, according to Euromonitor International.

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