The Trump Effect Helps Democrats Pull Off a Surprise Win in Wisconsin

Sean Reid
January 19, 2018

Her district was assumed to be a relatively safe hold for Republicans, but Schachtner's supporters and opponents alike anticipated unusual voting patterns in the wake of President Donald Trump's election, spurring figures like U.S. Senate candidate and state Sen.

According to campaign finance reports, Jarchow received about $43,000 in contributions on January 10, led by more than $38,000 from the state Republican party. "Help us share the good news".

"We all make recoverable mistakes", she says. Four years ago, in fact, he won his seat by defeating Schachtner's son and has worked hard since then to cultivate a base of support. Even John McCain came close to winning the district during the 2008 presidential election, though Barack Obama managed to win Wisconsin without difficulty.

The victory is a huge "wakeup" call to Republicans, according to Gov. Scott Walker, a conservative Republican.

Schachtner's win, and its continuation of what could be a vast change in Democratic fortunes, also garnered notice overseas.

But Schachtner's positive campaign could be seen as a repudiation of the harsh, divisive and arguably racist politics that propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

"I'm just anxious about western Wisconsin right now", she said. "It wasn't nice. It was mean", she said.

It's not the first Democratic pickup in rural territory, and they've shown big gains in other more rural, populist areas.

"People don't like that any more", Hardin said. And Walker will still engage in the relentlessly negative campaigning that he has always resorted to in tough races. Walker holds a significant fundraising advantage over a sprawling field of Democrats, but faces his first re-election with an unpopular Republican president in the White House.

I want to prioritize investment in jobs, businesses and entrepreneurs right here in western Wisconsin. "Republicans have [already] flipped four seats from blue to red - two in the Republican-trending Deep South, one in New Jersey and one in Massachusetts", Dave Weigel notes.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans, led by the governor, referred to the 10th District election as a "wake-up call" that should motivate GOP voters to protect the party's total control of state government.

He did not blame Trump by name, but said there is "frustration overall" with Washington. He noted Harsdorf won by tying Clausing to Madison liberals and Schachtner was better able to connect with voters on issues such as agriculture and the environment.

"Here I am watching Morning Joe (on MSNBC) and they're talking about the Senate District 10 race - it's remarkable", Kraus said.

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