Amazon to launch $5 a month music service

Doug Carpenter
January 18, 2018

Starting in February, customers in Australia and New Zealand can ask Alexa to discover and listen to the music they want based on mood, genre, era, artist name, and song or album title.

Michael continues, "We are incredibly excited to be the first employment marketplace in Australia to be able to offer voice-activated job search and career insights for our customers with Amazon Echo and Alexa".

Amazon can't let Google have all the fun, and so Google's smart speakers with Google Assistant won't be the only smart speakers found locally.

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There will also be specialised financial news available with Alexa which you can customise with the Westpac app.

Like Google's Assistant, Alexa will have its own way of answering questions and talking to those connection around the home, but more importantly it will have the ability to understand the diverse Australian accents, with the way we speak a big part of what makes a smart speaker usable.

Amazon only announced that availability would be in 2018 but did not specify when, but the good news for our readers in Australia and New Zealand is that we finally have a date to look forward to.

Today, customers in these markets can pre-order three different Echo devices.

Time will tell if smart home novices will spurn their iPad for watching their favourite TV show or seeing the news on a small, circular screen, but hey, who doesn't like to start their day with a singalong?

George Frazis, Chief Executive, Consumer Bank at Westpac, said: "We know our customers want a seamless banking experience that fits with their needs and complements their lifestyles".

These are just some examples of Alexa integration, there are literally hundreds more - while Google Home got the jump on this space previous year in Australia it's very clear Amazon is coming in at full speed. "In the future, we certainly see this experience turning into one where you can pay bills, make funds transfers or even purchase items".

Like the Google Home, it responds to your voice in a variety of ways, offering hands-free access to music, weather, news and information.

The company has sold more than 20 million Alexa-enabled devices to date, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, and nearly three times as many as Google.

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