Sessions's Marijuana Crackdown Could Pose Problems For Medical Pot In Connecticut

Glen Norman
January 13, 2018

Medical marijuana was legalized in 2004 under a state ballot initiative that required over 60 percent of voters to approve the measure.

"Trump needs to realize that a lot of his supporters are pro-cannabis and it would be extremely hurtful to them if he allowed Sessions to move forward with this".

Across the aisle from the Republican governor, the Democratic speaker of the house said Monday that Lelling's statement brings uncertainty to the entrepreneurs and investors who are compliant with MA law.

Wolf said that the Department of Health approved Keystone Canna Remedies in Bethlehem as the state's first dispensary. "It's not lazy pothead stoners smoking weed all day in their parents' basement".

The Cole memo allowed local marijuana sellers to be confident that they wouldn't be prosecuted if licensed by a state. That includes promoting concealed carry legislation and attacking sanctuary status for immigrants to this week's decisions on legalized marijuana and offshore oil drilling. Maryland's Larry Hogan, another Republican, said he also opposes drilling off his state. It is also legal in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Washington, D.C. Alaska and ME gave Trump electoral votes in 2016. Outlawing drugs also provides incentives for drug dealers to increase the potency - and thus the danger - of drugs, as higher-potency products take up less space and are thus easier to hide from law enforcement.

The federal government would reap $51.7 billion in sales tax from a legal marijuana market between 2017 and 2025, entirely new revenue for a business that remains illegal - and unable to be taxed - federally.

Commissioner Jennifer Flanagan said in October she wanted the CCC to hire someone with federal experience "because we know at some point the federal issues are going to intersect with the state issues".

"When you say that no certain entity is getting immunity, that's saying not only is home cultivation and cultivation on public lands is a violation, but cultivation on a cultivation site or a dispensary is a violation", Carmichael said.

The sentiment that Sessions was undoing the will of the president carried through in Tuesday's letter. And some Republicans in Congress have also slammed the decision. "This is a longstanding limited-government principle". Many Americans have used medical marijuana for conditions such as cancer and glaucoma. He said he would stress to Lelling that the Bay State, like other places, is in the midst of a major public health crisis. He said he would hate to lose that ability to federal politics. Gardner says he thinks that's still President Trump's position. Former Reno reporter Brandon Rittiman, now a Colorado journalist, asked Trump during the campaign about the chance that his attorney general might try to crack down on marijuana.

"It was going to keep marching to larger and larger institutions, and I think this is going to slow that down", said Adam Orens, founder of the Marijuana Policy Group. "It's disappointing to see him take that stab at the industry".

Also yesterday, Bennett said the exit of a major debit card payment processor from the MA medical marijuana industry could set up a safety risk for dispensaries that are now forced to only accept cash.

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