Final Monster Hunter World beta coming to PS4

Delia Walker
January 7, 2018

This includes new kinds of monsters, downloadable new outfits, items, weapons, and probably new quests as well as Capcom previously said in an interview that some of the free post-release content includes new quests.

Capcom has announced that the Elder Dragons will be a part of the Monster Hunter: World game once it launches.

In the meantime, before the beta begins, check out the trailer below for a healthy dose of all things Monster Hunter.

Getting back to the Elder Dragons, we can see that Kushala Daora and Teostra from Monster Hunter 2 have returned, and they've brought a new Elder Dragon with them. This beta will run until January 22 and it appears to be open to the public, regardless if you've pre-ordered or not.

Tsujimoto also said that the PC version is still now being optimized, although he declined to mention more details about the subject, especially the difference of it from the console versions.

The company also released a press statement offering more details on these monsters that you will be hunting. Monster Hunter Meat Shack will offer food, alcohol and a chance to play up to 90 minutes of World. You can also enjoy a brand new trailer with dragons in it, just so you haven't wasted your click.

You'll be able to hunt down the Nergigante and try out the same quests for Anjanath, Barroth, and Jagras as well.

Not only that, during the Japanese live streaming of the game, Capcom also confirmed there will be regular content updates throughout. The first of these is due in spring and will reintroduce Devilijho, a "fan favourite" bipedal wyvern who debuted in Monster Hunter 3.

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