'Atlanta' Season 2 Finally Has a Premiere Date

Tonya Becker
January 6, 2018

After a between-season hiatus long enough to make it seemed cancelled, FX has finally announced the release date for the second season of its Atlanta TV show.

We don't know exactly why Glover chose to call it "Robbin Season", but considering Season 2 is expected to be even greater than the first, the title seems appropriate.

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The Atlanta team insisted that they didn't rely on what worked successfully in season one in planning out the upcoming episodes, which they're calling Atlanta Robbin' Season. "Our characters are going through insane, desperate transitions so Robbin' Season is kind of a metaphor for all of our characters", he said. But that doesn't mean there will be new titles for every season moving forward, either. We really tried to just devolve what television was. I just want them to think, to be honest.

"Robbin Season" is not just the backdrop of the season, it's also an opportunity to tackle the issue of social mobility - or lack thereof - in the black community in Atlanta. It's just a time that robberies go up - all kinds.

Critics have raved about Atlanta (you can read our review here) and the series is already earning Earn some serious love in Hollywood. But Donald didn't want the success to change the series or force them to do the same thing in season two. "You laugh, but Tiny Toons Adventures was unbelievable".

Glover-the series' creator, star, and an Atlanta native-left his role as a fan-favorite on Community in 2013.

Stephen went on to explain that the episodes of Summer Vacation were broken up into several episodes, between 8 and 9, and that viewers could watch them all together as if they were a movie or separately in installments.

"Even the title Robbin' Season is sort of setting up the audience to approach the show differently, and it's putting a different frame around the show", said director Hiro Murai. That said, part of our game is making ourselves uncomfortable. Let us know in the comments. "We got to try a lot of weird experimental stuff".

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