Wine about it: Disaster date ends with $1.5 mn in art ruined

Tonya Becker
December 29, 2017

The damaged artworks reportedly included two original Andy Warhol paintings valued at $500,000 each. That didn't work either: Layman acted aggressively toward the driver, prosecutors said, and then went back into the attorney's home, yelling: "I'm not leaving", according to KTRK. That's when Buzbee called a second Uber driver.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, has been charged with criminal mischief in Houston, Texas, after prosecutors say her first date with Anthony Buzbee, a prominent Texas attorney and collector of art, took a turn for the destructive on December 23, KTRK reports. That's when she allegedly poured red wine on his paintings and ripped them off the wall, then threw his sculptures on the ground.

According to prosecutors, after returning to Buzbee's home following that date, Buzbee called an Uber for Layman.

Lindy Lou Layman a 29 year old Dallas femme fatale woman has found herself in a spot of bother after 'allegedly' destroying at least $300,000 worth of sculptures and original paintings belonging to a well-known Texas trial lawyer. The sculptures, KHOU reported, were worth $20,000 each.

Layman was released from custody on Christmas Eve after posting a $30,000 bond, court records show.

KHOU-TV reported Layman was on a first date with Buzbee, with the lawyer at one point having called Layman an Uber after she became intoxicated.

He successfully defended former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an abuse of power case and -for the party highlights- just hosted a holiday extravaganza this year for his family and friends with special celebrity guest Snoop Dogg. Buzbee also recently made headlines for parking a World War II tank in his River Oaks neighborhood.

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