Nintendo Switch 64GB Game Cards Delayed To 2019

Doug Carpenter
December 28, 2017

Nintendo is delaying the availability of 64-gigabyte game cartridges for its Switch console into 2019, reports the Wall Street Journal.

With its newest flagship console, Nintendo made a decision to bring back cartridges in place of disc-based games that ran on the previous three.

The largest Nintendo Switch game card now is 32 gigabytes. Nintendo chose cartridges because they're smaller, and less prone to errors if you shake them up when using the console in the portable mode.

By comparison, Blu-ray discs for the PS4 and Xbox One can hold 50 GB of data. This could be a problem because Switch owners may have to download large amounts of digital data since game cards won't be big enough to have the full game. Not only that, but many games require significant patches on release, putting their total size much higher. The Wall Street Journal noted the reason for the delay being technical issues, and also noted that many developers may delay their games until the cards become available. But there's apparently been a delay due to technical issues. Nintendo's own large games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey clock in well below 16 gigs. Some publishers may even postpone the launch of their games on the Switch in order to have access to the larger cartridges.

Ultimately, these space constraints are just one more hurdle for developers looking to bring their titles to the Nintendo Switch.

Long term success of the Switch depends somewhat significantly on third-party support.

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